SPINDEL Master Series

Standard Features

  • Universal high frequency PWM drives with synchronized carrier

  • Suited for variety of applications, from 50 Hz to 3,200 Hz rated motors

  • Output filter included

  • Suited primarily for induction (asynchronous) motors

  • Fast and accurate load signal for process optimization (torque and power)

  • Thermistor (PTC) sensing circuit for monitoring of motor temperature

  • Dynamic braking with internal resistors

  • Many programmable control inputs and outputs

  • Simple operation of multiple motors connected in parallel

  • Long list of available options and modifications​


  • 380-460 V, 3-250 Amps

  • 208-240 V, 5-80 Amps

High Frequency / Precision Drives by Design

SPINDEL Master is a line of universal high frequency drives, suited for operation of a wide range of 3 phase AC motors, from standard “low speed” motors rated 50 or 60 Hz to high speed motors rated up to 3200 Hz (over    190 000 RPM for 2 pole design).


SPINDEL Master drives are differentiated from “standard” AC drives by the special attention which is given to specific needs of high frequency (low inductance) motors. The design was optimized around quality of voltage and current waveforms at any speed, low drive induced motor losses and vibration (bearing temperature and life) and control features which high speed motor applications typically require.

High Quality Output for High Speed Motors

Synchronized high frequency PWM control method significantly reduces harmful harmonics in motor current, compared to most PWM type high frequency drives. Standard included output filter additionally improves motor losses (heat), vibration, and voltage peaks which result in longer bearing and stator winding life. 


Synchronized high frequency PWM control method combined with high PWM carrier frequency significantly reduces motor losses (heat) and vibration, resulting in longer bearing and stator winding life. This approach results in better performance compared to most PWM type high frequency drives. Output filter is included as standard which further improves motor current and voltage wave forms.

Advanced Motor Protection

All three phase motor currents are continuously monitored by dedicated fast circuits for safe and expected values, for phase current differences (phase imbalance), for open connection in one phase and for short circuits. If the insulation in a motor phase fails, SPINDEL Master drives will indicate which phase has a problem, which greatly facilitates troubleshooting.


Load sensing measures real motor load and is fast and precise. Programmable timed-overload function permits transient overloads while thermally protecting the motor. A circuit is included for monitoring of stator winding temperature via PTC thermistor style sensor.

Looking To Replace Your Old Drive With Our SPINDEL Master Series?

New replacement drives are factory programmed for your specific application. After consulting our replacement guides and choosing your SPINDEL series drive, we also offer connection diagrams and phone support to facilitate re-wiring and start-up.

Additional Features/Options

  • Motor (output) frequencies to 400 Hz (L), 800 Hz (M) and 3200 Hz (H)

  • Synchronized high frequency PWM control (20/40 kHz for most applications)

  • Simplicity of V/Hz (U/f) programming

  • Digital Operator Station (keypad with display) on front door

  • High system efficiency (low drive and spindle motor losses)

  • Output filter included

  • No need for motor inductors for most applications

  • Output fully short circuit protected

  • Monitoring of all three phase currents

  • Thermistor (PTC) sensing circuit for monitoring of motor temperature

  • Fast, accurate and repeatable analog load signal (torque)

  • Fast touch sensing (Gap Eliminator) signal

  • High resolution analog speed reference input

  • Two analog inputs, one analog output

  • Seven programmable digital inputs

  • Five programmable output relays

  • Programmable pulse output for connection of a digital speed indicator

  • Simple operation of multiple motors connected in parallel

  • Easy integration with LabView™ test environment

  • Dynamic braking with internal resistors

  • Fully protected IP21 (NEMA 1) steel enclosure


  • Additional dynamic braking resistors (up to 100% capacity)

  • Remote mounting of Digital Operator Station (keypad with display)

  • Multiple Motor Option for programming up to 32 different motors

  • Option board with fast analog outputs

  • Protective enclosures with IP54 (NEMA 12), floor or wall mounting

  • Custom enclosures

  • Safety door disconnect switch, flange mounted or through door

  • Input fuses, input (line) reactors, power on/off contactors

  • Liquid cooling, through the wall mounting in sealed enclosures

  • 400 Hz AC and DC input power

  • Input and output transformers

  • Additional output filters

  • Output contactors, overloads, connectors, terminals

  • Additional control inputs and outputs

  • Custom controls, meters, selector switches, legend plates etc.

  • Orientation using proximity sensors

  • Closed loop speed regulation, better than 0.01%

4V003A, 4V005A, 4V008A, 2V005A,2V007A, 2V011A

4V013A, 4V018A, 4V026A, 2V015A, 2V019A, 2V028A

4V034A, 4V052A, 4V067A, 4V077A, 2V080A


Norminal AC Line Voltage: 380, 415, 460Vac, 50/60 Hz

Panel / Wall Mount

Norminal AC Line Voltage: 208 and 230Vac, 50/60 Hz

Panel / Wall Mount

* Replace with

  • L for maximum frequency of 400 Hz

  • M for maximum frequency of 800 Hz

  • H for maximum frequency of 3200 Hz


SPINDEL Electronics has the expertise and experience to provide the needed solutions to support your demanding applications. Our high frequency and spindle drives increase power efficiency and can lead to less down time on your production line.

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