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CNC Machine Tools


Solutions For CNC Machine Tools Using High Speed Electric Spindles

Our engineering team has over 30 years of experience in high speed spindle applications. We work closely with machine tool and spindle manufacturers to ensure that our drives have the best possible features which contribute to the productivity, accuracy and profitability of the machines.

Our quality high frequency spindle drives make a difference because spindle motor temperature (particularly rotor) is lower, which:

  • Prolongs bearing life and reduces machine down time and periodic spindle rebuilding costs

  • Reduces spindle shaft thermal growth and provides for better part accuracy

  • Allows maximum use of spindle motor power/torque for machining

Utilizing a fast and accurate load signal along with the fastest possible touch detect function​ is used to optimize the machining process and reduce production cycle time.

  • Internal (ID) Grinding

  • ID/OD Grinding

  • Bore, nozzle (conical seating)

  • Face, plunge, profile

  • Jig, oval, polygon

  • Dressing, truing

  • Steel, powder/sintered metal, ceramics

  • Aluminum parts for aero-structures

  • Aluminum parts for automotive engines and transmissions

  • Maximum motor power/torque possible due to low motor losses

  • Non-ferrous metals, light alloys

  • Possibility to use a wide range of spindles with the same drive

  • Low shaft thermal growth for better part accuracy

  • Mold-making, tool and die applications

  • Composites, stone, marble, granite

  • Low tool chatter

  • Rivet holes for aluminum aero-stuctures

  • Holes in composite parts in aero-structures

  • Low shaft thermal growth - high accuracy

  • Low tool chatter

  • Various materials

  • Engraving

  • Embossing for decorative fabrics

  • Cutting

  • Dicing

  • Grinding

  • Drilling, routing

  • Multiple air-bearing spindles in parallel

  • Spindle speeds to over 360,000 rpm

  • Aircraft interior

  • Boat interior

  • Cabinetry

Cylindrical Grinding

High Speed Milling

Machining Centers


Mold Making, Tool/Die


Circuit Boards (PCB)


spindel electronics supported machine brands

Supported Machine Brands

We provide high frequency spindle drive support to a wide array of machine brands/manufacturers such as:

  • Studer, Weldon, Tripet, Chiron, Hardinge, Hauser, Voumard, Bahmuller

  • Kellenberger, Overbeck, Meccanica Nova, Danobat, Mikron, Bryant Grinder

  • UVA/KMT, Okuma, Cincinnati Milacron-Heald, Toyo, Usach, EMAG

  • Buderus, Unison, CNC North, Seiko Seiki

Fischer site - Messen_Slider3.jpg

Supported Spindle Brands

Our drives are typically used on the following high speed machining spindles:

  • GMN, Fischer, IBAG, Hauser, Voumard, Precise

  • FAEMAT, Perske, Setco, UVA/KMT, Gros-lte/EDAC, Bryant Grinder

  • Cincinnati Milacron-Heald, Omlat, Seiko Seiki, Capellini

  • and many more...

spindel electronics features for id grinding

Features for ID Grinding

High-speed, repeatable and precise analog load or power signal is well suited for adaptive grinding. When effectively used by grinder CNC control, it can help to shorten grinding cycles. In grinding wheel dressing applications, this signal can help reduce the removal rate of expensive abrasive material.


Integrated fast touch sensing function (first contact, gap eliminator) with very fast solid state output can be used instead of expensive acoustic sensing in many ID grinding applications. Productivity can be improved with no additional cost.

Our AV Series drives were designed to be an easy functional replacement for older PAM and PWM high-frequency spindle drives on internal cylindrical (ID) grinding machines and for other high rotational speed applications. They can mimic control interface and special features of older spindle drives, whether they were made in U.S., Europe or Japan.

spindel electronics fast touch detect

Fast Touch Detect and Load Thresholds Improve Cycle Time

Base Load update/sampling for accurate & repeatable sensing: The no load level (load baseline) is sampled either automatically or by user (CNC) controlled input and is stored before each grinding cycle.


This updated load level is then used as the load baseline for programmable thresholds of the Touch Detect function. Accurate and repeatable sensing is maintained even though the no load level varies from motor to motor as well as with bearing condition and temperature. 


Solid State Outputs switch within microseconds of the detected threshold and can also be used for effective crash protection. Reduced spindle vibration leads to better surface finish and longer spindle bearing life and part accuracy due to reduced thermal growth of spindle shaft.


Flexible input/output programming and complete data storage for different configurations of multiple-spindle machines (turret-type grinders).


SPINDEL Electronics has the expertise and experience to provide the needed solutions to support your demanding applications. Our high frequency and spindle drives increase power efficiency and can lead to less down time on your production line.

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