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Engineered Drive Systems & Converters

Drives in Protective Enclosures

Sealed drive enclosures, mainly IP54 (NEMA 12), shield against dust, liquids in industrial settings. Larger drives use floor-standing enclosures, smaller ones use wall-mounted ones. These enclosures often include other necessary components, which SPINDEL Electronics can install cost-effectively. Additional panel space is available for customer-installed components if needed.

Drives for Multiple Motors Operating One at a Time

This setup is common in turret-type ID grinding machines. Drives are programmed for each spindle, optimizing their performance. The CNC control or operator input specifies the active spindle. SPINDEL Electronics specializes in replacing outdated drives in older ID grinders with extensive experience.

Drives for Multiple Motors Operating Simultaneously

For identical spindles running at the same speed simultaneously, using a single larger drive is cost-effective. Individual overload protection can be achieved through various methods like monitoring winding temperature, adjustable overloads with contactor function, motor current measurement, and fuses. This setup is common in applications like Printed Circuit Board machines, aerospace rivet hole drilling, and textile industry machinery.

Universal Drives for Spindle Testing

Motor repair companies require universal drives for testing. These drives should handle a wide range of AC motors through simple reprogramming, from low-speed 50 Hz to very high-speed 6,000 Hz (360,000 RPM for 2-pole motors) and low to full drive rated voltage. They should also provide essential electrical readings like motor speed, temperature, current, voltage, load, and power, reducing the need for extra instrumentation during testing.

Drive Systems for Spin-Tests and Dynamometers

We specialize in drive systems for high-speed spin and load testing. Our offerings include motoring drives (inverters), motoring and regenerating drives, resistive load banks, custom high-speed motors, and instrumentation like torque transducers.

Do You Need To Replace or Repair Your Drives?

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