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Solutions for Rotational Testing

We specialize in high-speed testing of asynchronous and synchronous motors and generators, as well as components connected to their shafts. Our testing protocols include no-load, loaded, manual, or automated repetitive cycling for extended fatigue tests, often controlled in LabView test environments.

We support the following rotational testing applications:
  • Testing of machine tools spindles after repair​

  • Cycle testing for life/fatigue​

  • Dynamometers​

  • Functional testing of:

    • Turbines​

    • Impellers

    • Bearings

    • Seals

    • Aircraft fuel pumps

    • Generators

Turboexpander 2_JPG.webp

Solutions for Turbo Machinery

  • Turbo compressors​

  • Turbo blowers and fans​

  • Turbogenerators​

  • Turboexpanders​

  • APU starters/generators

Solutions For Process/Production

  • Compressors, blowers​
  • Vacuum pumps​

  • Centrifuges​

  • Separators​

  • Mixers

  • Dryers/atomizers

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Solutions For Welding

  • Vibration Welding​

  • Ultrasonic Welding​

  • Rotational Friction Welding

    • Inertia and direct drive​​

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