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Custom Drives & Custom Converters

We specialize in ultra-high-frequency drives for speeds exceeding 1 million RPM. For DC-powered AC motor drives, we customize solutions based on your DC power source. Our 400 Hz line-powered AC motor drives are suitable for aircraft and marine applications, often using modified stock drives. We offer versatile drives and converters for various static applications, including welding, induction heating, and custom power supplies, with expertise in control algorithm modifications and various AC and DC source configurations.
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Motor Filter Reactors & Chokes

Motor filter reactors (chokes) enhance motor performance by filtering voltage and current, increasing motor lifespan, and reducing electrical noise. We offer a wide range of reactors for various applications, considering factors like current, voltage, frequency, and wire type. Proper selection is critical to prevent issues, including motor insulation problems.

For motors with long or short wires, motor filter reactors mitigate voltage peaks and dv/dt, extending insulation life. They also reduce motor current ripple, which can vary in impact depending on factors such as motor load, cooling, and duty cycle. Trust our expertise and modern simulation tools for optimal reactor selection to improve your application's performance and reliability.

SPINDEL Master Drives

SPINDEL Master drives are versatile high-frequency drives for 3-phase AC motors, covering 50/60 Hz to 3200 Hz speeds. They excel by addressing the needs of high-frequency, low-inductance motors, optimizing waveforms, reducing losses and vibration, and offering specialized controls for high-speed applications.

**SPINDEL Master Drives are discontinued however we can still repair current master drives. 

High Frequency Transformers

Drive output high-frequency transformers match drive output voltage to motor rated voltage in PWM drives. They handle high current ripple and voltage spikes and are typically designed as auto transformers unless isolation is needed. High-frequency transformers are much smaller than low-frequency equivalents, sometimes allowing the use of smaller drives.


  • Step-Down Transformers: Without a step-down transformer, a 220V motor connected to a 400V PWM drive faces excessive voltage pulses and current ripple. A step-down transformer normalizes the motor's exposure to 220V, extending motor life and acting as an output filter. It can also increase the drive/transformer combination's current rating.

  • Step-Up Transformers: When a drive is connected to a 220V line and the motor is rated at 400V, a step-up transformer is needed to reach the full motor voltage, permitting full motor speed and power. However, it may reduce the current rating of the drive/transformer combination, possibly requiring a larger drive.

  • Scott-T Transformers: These transformers convert 3-phase drive output to 2-phase voltage/current for 2-phase motors, often used in high-frequency applications. The primary-to-secondary voltage ratio can be tailored to match drive and motor voltages.

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