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Machine Tools

With over 30 years of experience, our engineering team collaborates closely with machine tool and spindle manufacturers to enhance the features of our high-speed spindle drives. These drives offer significant benefits:

  • Extended bearing life, minimizing downtime and spindle maintenance costs.

  • Reduced spindle shaft thermal expansion, improving part accuracy.

  • Maximization of spindle motor power/torque for efficient machining.

  • Utilization of fast and precise load signals for optimized machining and shorter production cycles

Supported SPINDEL Brands

  • Our drives are typically used on the following high speed machining spindles:​​

  • GMN, Fischer, IBAG, Hauser, Voumard, Precise

  • FAEMAT, Perske, Setco, UVA/KMT, Gros-lte/EDAC, Bryant Grinder

  • Cincinnati Milacron-Heald, Omlat, Seiko Seiki, Capellini and many more...

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