About SPINDEL Electronics

SPINDEL Electronics designs, manufactures, sells, and supports industrial variable speed AC motor drives, also called frequency converters. These drives offer high output frequencies required by fast spinning motors and have other special features which are not found in standard AC motor drives. In addition, modified AC motor drives are used in applications with inductive/resistive loads which do not rotate.

SPINDEL Electronics’ engineers are constantly developing modern, more efficient and reliable solutions for our customers’ applications. Being able to work with our most knowledgeable and demanding clients and receiving their valuable feedback ensures that the Company stays on a forefront of technology in our field.

SPINDEL Electronics, a privately owned company, was incorporated in 1995. The key technical personnel have been in high speed AC drive field for over 30 years.

SPINDEL is an acronym for Specialized Industrial Electronics.


We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality, latest proved technology products and the most responsive support available.

Many of our customers are in industries which cannot tolerate having a machine down for any length of time. We strive to provide:

  • Fast and knowledgeable support through quick delivery of products and parts Fast turn-around for repairs
  • Long term availability of parts and support
  • Easily accessible technical assistance over the phone or by email
  • Technical assistance at customers’ site
  • Clear and efficient technical and commercial communication
Our reputation is our best salesperson.

Engineering Competence

We are an engineering company with a core competence in industrial high performance microprocessor, DSP and GA based embedded control systems applied to power electronics converters in low voltage area (up to 1000 V). We focus on high frequency AC motor drives (also called frequency converters) for very high speed motors and drives for special motor applications, as well as on some other power electronics converter applications. Over more than 30 years we have seen generations of control and power electronics components and control algorithms being developed and used. We have seen every kind of failure there is. We use that experience in design process of our own units, as well as in repair procedures and replacement decisions for old electronics, which is still being used in many factories. We are most effective in resolving customers’ high frequency drive related problems in the areas of:
  • Drive/frequency converter caused motor vibration and losses (heat)
  • Harmonics, filters, dv/dt, voltage overshoot, and isolation damage
  • Electrical noise interference
  • Reliability, preventative maintenance, and repair plans
  • Finding the root-cause of problems
  • Regulatory compliance
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