SPINDEL Electronics’ AC motor drives/frequency converters are used by engineers, maintenance technicians, testers and researchers in many industries. They selected a drive made by SPINDEL Electronics because of its excellent performance with high speed motors, because of some special feature their application required, because of our Company’s reputation for integrity and quality, because of availability of immediate but also long term knowledgeable support, and overall, because they do not want to have problems with their drive applications.

Typical applications for SPINDEL Electronics’ drives/frequency converters are:New Paragraph
Manufacturing machinery (high speed electric spindles)
  • Metal-cutting
    • Grinding - cylindrical
      • Internal Diameter (ID), Universal ID/OD
      • Bore, nozzle (conical seating), face, plunge, profile
      • Jig, oval, polygon
      • High precision surface grinding
      • Dressing of grinding wheels
    • High Speed Milling (HSM), typically of non-ferrous metals
    • Drilling
    • Engraving
    • Machining centers
  • Powder/sintered metal - grinding
  • Composite materials – cutting, drilling
  • Ceramics - grinding
  • Semiconductors – grinding, dicing
  • Optical lenses – grinding, lathes
  • Woodworking – routing
  • Stone, marble, granite, glass – machining centers
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) – drilling, routing
Rotational (no-load) testing for performance, integrity, fatigue, etc.
  • High speed machining spindles (vibration and electrical testing after repair)
  • Cycle testing of parts and mechanisms (life, fatigue)
  • Functional spin-testing (impellers, seals etc.)
Rotational testing under load

  • Dynamometer testing of machining spindles and other high speed electric motors
  • Dynamometer testing of engines, transmissions, etc.
  • Torsion/torque/torque pulse testing of rotating parts and mechanisms
  • Combined starter and dynamometer for combustion engines
  • Turbo-generators (spinning by an electric motor, rather than an engine)
Turbo-machinery (operation by high speed electric motor as a prime mover)

  • Turbo-compressors, turbo-expanders, turbo-blowers
  • Magnetic bearings and foil bearings applications

  • Dryers (atomizers), centrifuges, vacuum pumps
Textile machinery


  • Vibration welding, ultrasonic welding
  • Rotational friction welding - inertia and direct drive

  • Very precise speed regulation high speed spinning
Energy storage

  • High speed flywheels
Drives/frequency converters fed by a DC source (battery, fuel-cells, solar PV panels, rectified generator output etc.)

Drives/frequency converters fed by a 400 Hz line (for lab testing with aircraft or marine 400 Hz power systems)

Active and passive (AC and DC) electric loads (custom test load points and profiles)

  • Power supplies
  • Turbo-generatorsNew Paragraph
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